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Aero Tech Designs is a Pennsylvania-based cycle wear company that specializes in manufacturing bike shorts, cycling jerseys, and other apparels like arm and leg warmer, tops, t-shirts, tights, underwears, and jackets. They also provide biking hardware and accessories like helmets, fenders, saddles and covers, hydration products, bags, gloves, shoes, socks, and reflective gears. They design, create and manufacture their own high-quality products. Likewise, they design and manufacture bicycle wears for Bike Nashbar, Descente, Terry Precision, Head, Campagnolo, Smart Wool, Frank Shorter, Giant and many other cycling companies.

Founded by an avid cyclist, Aero Tech Designs have been in business for twenty-five years. They hire the best local staffs who work in their sewing factory situated in the business district of Coraopolis, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Aero Tech Designs is a proud member of National Bikers Dealer Association, Bikes Belong, League of American Bicyclists, Bicycling, Adventure Cycling Association, and International Mountain Bicycling Association.

AeroTechDesigns: What makes it different?

Aero Tech Designs have a wide range of products for bikers and cyclists. They have complete selections of apparels and accessories, fit for any sex and body type. They have sizes for regular and tall men, regular and plus size women, and children. They even have apparels for cold weather. For the bold and wacky cyclists, the company has exciting bicycle shorts with colorful wild prints like red bandana, Asian flowers, blue flowers, eggs, Mary Jane, graffiti, and many others.

Their products have the “MADE IN U.S.A.” seal so customers are assured of the best quality materials. Though some materials are imported, most are made in the U.S.A. They emphasize on technical design for bicycling comfort.  Their shorts have multi-layer pads with smooth edges that fit snuggly to the body; yet, they are breathable, lightweight, and stay dry to inhibit bacterial growth. Their other products are as well smooth and have antibacterial characteristics. Overall, apparels of Aero Tech Designs are attested to last long and add comfort to anyone’s bike rides.

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AeroTechDesigns vs. primary competitors (sites similar to AeroTechDesigns)

There are only few companies specializing in providing high quality bicycle wears. I find Sports Basement and Long’s Cycle Supply to be the toughest competitors of Aero Tech Designs.

Sports Basement may be the best brand for cycle wears. If you visit the company’s site, you will see a great range of such products. They are also affiliated with companies like North Face, Descente, Craft and many others. Yet, their prices are quite high. Their designs seem dull and not as bold and colorful as Aero Tech Designs.

Long’s Cycle Supply have less selections than Aero Tech Designs, for both women’s and men’s apparels. They do not have as many accessories as well. However, their products appear to be more affordable. They also have many gift certificates, bargain sales, and specials.

AeroTechDesigns: Pricing & packages

Aero Tech Design have great products with good prices. Despite their affordable cost, they have top quality. Here is a price range for some of their products.

  • Men’s Bike Shorts: $19.95 to $69.95
  • Men’s Padded Cargo Shorts: $49.95 and $54.95
  • Men’s Mountain Bike Shorts: $64.95 and $69.95
  • Men’s Mountain Bike T-Shirts: $24.95
  • Men’s Cargo Multi-Sport Shorts: $39.95
  • Women’s Cycling Shorts and Tights: $19.95 to $144.95
  • Bike Shorts with Wild Prints for Men and Women: $29.95 to $39.95
  • Children’s Bike Jersey: $34.95
  • Children’s Padded Bike Shorts: $29.95
  • Children’s Padded Fingerless Bike Gloves: $19.95
  • Children’s Cycling Gloves: $13.95

For the complete list of price and product descriptions that best suits you, please visit the company’s website here.

They accept major credit cards and even PayPal.

AeroTechDesigns: Product images & screenshots
AeroTechDesigns Coupons
AeroTechDesigns: Customer reviews & comments

Many customers are satisfied by the products and services of Aero Tech Designs.  Here are some of those positive comments that may be helpful

“Purchase two pairs. I sent one back for exchange. Received item within three days. No charge for shipping the exchanged item.” – Unnamed

“I ordered again and had another awesome experience.  I got exactly what I needed, two pairs of cycling pants, one windbreaker and one jersey.  There are moderately priced items for weekend cyclists like me, and pricey super fancy items for more serious cyclists.  I even got a free bag in my order, thanks!  I'm really impressed with the quality, turn around time, and range of selection.” – Rebecca H.

“There's my review. I've ridden one pair of cycling shorts on all kinds of bikes, over all kinds of terrain, and well over 10,000 miles in the past three years. Never once have they been a source of discomfort, in fact they alleviated some serious issues I was having with skivvies and gym shorts before switching. I've used them as a liner for pants/other shorts, and ridden them on their own. As long as you wash them after every use, they'll provide bacteria-free padded gloriousness. Pair them with a Brooks and you have cycling Nirvana. Seriously.” – Ben

“During the ride I did not notice any discomfort or wet feeling from sweating. At the end of the ride, I noticed tiny salt crystals on the outside of the fabric, which I would consider good proof that the moisture was being pulled away from my skin. I had never noticed the formation of these little salt crystals with any of my other riding shorts.”  - Okie Rider

I found very few negative reviews and feedbacks on Aero Tech Designs. Here are some of them.

“I bought 2 pair of bike shorts from this place. Wore a pair for 45 minutes. Got off the bike and there was a hole in the back of the right leg. A hole about the size of a quarter. I wrote the company. After a week of NO RESPONSES, I got an email that said no returns or refunds on clothes that have been worn. The email also said basically: are you stupid for even asking for a warranty. It says on every page of our website this policy. Stupid...” – Jeepster93

“Several reviewers mentioned that the one thing that is annoying is that there’s not a decent drawstring on these (Aero Tech Designs Baggy Touring Short).” –

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